22nd - 24th Sept 2006

A couple of firsts happened this weekend. FOW went Geocaching and we had a four legged friend along for the weekend. Dave and Charlotte brought their lovely border collie called Daisy. As with all FOW events it started on a Friday night in a remote location away from all sane people, but of course with loads of beer. We stayed near Edale in the Peak District in a 'stone tent' which was a barn without any electricity, lights, cooking, water or any other facilities, apart from a floor and benches, so a 'stone tent' described it well. But Charlotte and Dave brought all the necessaries to make the place feel home from home.

The main attraction of the weekend was Geocaching which for those that didn't know what it was (including me) it is a bit like a treasure hunt but using a GPS. All over the country (and world!) there are caches ranging from an army box to a 35mm film canister that have log books in that you sign. You may be saying so how do you find them?? Ah that’s where the GPS comes in, you enter a Latitude/Longitude into the GPS and start following its pointy little arrow. Anyway less of this technical explanation and back to the fun stuff. We ran (well walked!!) across the dales and found two caches in the morning then with all of us being eager we headed to Bamford ready for more action at the local Tea Shop!!! Yes viewers we went to a Tea Shop rather than the Pub!! Oh we must be getting so old!! But after we had had our quota of cream teas we hunted out a couple more caches and retired to the pub which had a wonderful view.

Sunday was spent finding a few more caches although one of them had disappeared :( then it was into the pub for a lovely meal and off home. I'd like to extend my thanks to Charlotte and Dave for a wonderful weekend and introducing us to a completely new activity. They have kindly set-up a logon at the Geocaching website ( so if we do any more caching at FOW events we can log the visits. If you organise an event and want access to account email me and I’ll let you know the details.

Review by Spanna

[PS. I'm now hooked and have done 17 caches in the last week :)]

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Photos by Colin and Spanna

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