Cub Sports Day

10th - 12th June 2005

We stayed at Bathampton Scout hut. There was quite an early start on Saturday so we were able to get over to Cleeve Hill and start setting up for the Sports Day.

Once we’d set up the activity bases there was time for a bit of relaxing or alternatively time to go and help out with the other activites on site. I ended up making miniature pioneering monkey bridges from canes and string which was okay until when the groups rotated you had to destroy the master piece you’d just spent half an hour talking them through to start again!

Then time for Sports day! We were assigned our stations and scoring sheets….and then just had to wait until trouble came. Trouble did arrive shortly in the form of 50 or so cubs! Teams attempted the event at each station – races, throwing, jumping, etc and amazingly it all went very smoothly. Every now and then you got a breather as the teams were staggered so you were able to enjoy the sunshine and the sound of lots of Cubs having an excellent time.

Sally and Chris did a great job of organising all the necessary bits and all the cubs who took part got a medal! They were very proud of them and I think some of them didn’t even get taken off until they went home the next day!

David and Colin helped out all day at the Trefoil Guild AGM – a couple of young men must have been the highlight of the day for some of the more ‘usual’ members! Ruth was our representative for the AGM and was made to feel very welcome.

Can’t remember what we had for dinner but I do recall the mountain of strawberries for dessert then followed?

On Sunday, we drove out to a pub somewhere on the way to Bristol and most of us were able to meet up. For those of us who got there early a stroll along the river was a perfect way to work up an appetite. It was really nice to see Brian, Kate and their children for lunch and our lovely long daisy chain didn’t go to waste! A relaxing afternoon and a pub lunch in the garden followed.

Review by Allie

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