Walking Weekend

7th - 9th May 2004

Wales. What can I say about the lovely land that I now live in? Water comes to mind in the form of rain. Yes, it was yet again a feature of the walking weekend but it wouldn’t be the same without it. This year’s event was organised by Jenny & Colin using Llanthony Priory (Nr Abergavenny) as the base. A lovely barn with all the facilities you require including a pub within 200m and also a second pub within ¼ mile. Oh the simple pleasures.

Saturday saw the group split into two, one tackling Hay Bluff and the other mounting Lord Hereford’s Knob (!!). Now this is where the rain came in with a nice slightly damp start to the day and no views at all to speak of. 'Oh bother' I hear you say. Well yes and no, because as we progressed south along the ridge the cloud disappeared and we came out into wonderful sun shine (look at the photos if you don’t believe).

After a few swift ones in the pub (¼ mile away one) we started preparing the ‘Vegetarian Chilli with mince, with DIY chilli’!!! It may sound complicated but it was very scrumptious and all of it got gobbled up.

The Sunday saw a group of us tackle Table Mountain near Crickhowell which we failed to complete a few years ago. The weather was on our side this time and we managed to walk the whole length of the ridge it reasonable weather.

I’d personally like to thank Jenny & Colin for organising the weekend. And look forward to next years.

Review by Spanna

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