Walking Weekend

9th - 11th May 2003

Wales, Whales and more moby…. Oh no it isn’t, but there is still the element of water, but rather than it coming from the sky, its coming from the ground. That is Buxton water. This year the walking weekend was based out of Buxton staying in a field centre with BUNK BEDS!!!! Oh what luxury, how can we cope….

Well the Saturday saw us split into three groups and tackle Kinder Scout from different sides. The mad people tried to navigate across the centre of Kinder Scout which is not easy when all you have is flat featureless bog, but to make life more interesting Allie supplied some entertainment:

All groups managed to meet very briefly for lunch, which was a delight of watching a sheep head butting a lamb!

The evening meal was wonderful, but I would say that as Sara was head Chief-ette, with Danny being kitchen slave. Oh how I bet he enjoyed that!!!! The entertainment was supplied by MATTEL in the form of Pictionary, which my team should have won (boo hoo).

Sunday was following Saturday quite closely and also brought a bit of rain and some wind. A quick run up a hill by Ladybower reservoir, down for some tea and cake, then back home.

Many thanks to all the people who turned up to make it a successful weekend, and also to Sara who took the job of catering off my hands.

So the question is what to do next year…..

Review by Spanna
Photos by Simon and Spanna

More Pictures: