New Year's Party

(31st December - 1st January)

Nigel and Cath kindly offered their house again for a New Year party. The only catch was Fancy Dress was compulsary. The theme was famous characters from films, and we had a good selection, including James Bond, Agent Smith, a Jedi, a Musketeer, Catwoman, and Moby Dick (Spanna in a blue shirt with a Welsh flag on it). But the winners where Sally and Chris in their Snow White and The Mask costumes. Looks like someone actually spent money on their costumes!

There were plenty of party games to be played, including Pass the Parcel with forfeits and the ever popular 'Pass a polo around the room using straws in your mouth'. There was snacks to eat and frozen vodka ice glasses to drink, in two flavours!

At midnight Auld Lang Syne was sung and everybody hugged everybody else.

In the morning, a trip to feed the ducks was proposed, followed by lunch in the local pub.

Many thanks to Nigel and Cath for inviting us, and for organising all the games.

Review by Janine