Monopoly Run

8th - 9th March 2003

Bananas and Sausages. What have they got to do with the Monopoly Run? Absolutely nothing, I just felt like saying them. Tee hee. Anyway, what was this run all about. You had to visit as many places on the monopoly board to collect the rent and the person with the highest rent per hour won. So it wasn’t just a mad dash, there was a bit of strategy to it.

Although saying that, Spanna, Phish, Dave and Stephen took the approach of 'have a business lunch in the middle' which meant they weren’t collecting rent for an hour. After the mad dash around London everyone retired back to Spanna’s for a Chinese and a video.

Sunday brought a pub lunch and a visit to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. A bit of culture no less. The weekend was a success, even if it did take Spanna over a month to work out the results. The highlights are as follows;

Highest rent collected Sam & Simon at £421 by visiting all places on the board
Lowest rent collected Nigel & Cath at £314
Longest time Spanna, Phish, Dave & Stephen by visiting pub, coffee shops and book shops
Shortest time Nigel & Cath

Therefore in reverse order;

Spanna, Phish, Dave and Stephen £75 rent / hour
Liz, Danny, David £81 rent / hour
Sam & Simon £100 rent / hour
Nigel & Cath £209 rent / hour

So congratulations to Nigel and Cath for being very strategic and RUNNING all of the way round. Me thinks someone forgot the pubs somewhere. Anyway, they will get a prize when I next see them and also depending on what Tesco have in stock ;)

Review by Spanna
Photos by Liz