Water Sports

(13th - 15th July 2002)

Im sure I was having one of those flash backs the other day. Images of Cuthbert the Crab and combine harvesters popped into my head!! Yes, you guessed it, we were back at Youlbury Camp site for the water sports and they had unwittingly put us next to the obstacle course, tee hee. Friday night was the usual drinking and for a few of us, mentioning no names, Sam, forgot their sleeping bags. Next time well send a check list...

The Saturday was spent sailing at Oxford Sailing Club on Farmoor Reservoir. We had a mix of abilities but we all helped each other out and managed to have a great day sailing, under the watchful eye of two of the clubs young instructors, Nikki and Chloe. As usual the only people to get wet were Danny and Diccon, and I thought Diccon was good at sailing? After we got back to camp we had the AGM and then got onto the important things of eating and drinking (Danny!!)

On the Sunday we split into two groups. One group went to Oxford and canoed on the Thames and even had to go over a weir, which was interesting for Jenny. The rest of us went back to the sailing club and spent the day wind surfing. The only person in the group that had done it before was Diccon but I know that everyone that did it really enjoyed themselves. I personally have an aching back and also a sore foot from the sailing falling on it.

I like to extend my thanks to Allie and Diccon for organising a great event.

Review by Spanna