A Comedy Of Errors

A Review of the FoW Summer Party

(23rd-25th August 2002)

The FoW Summer Party 2002 took place over the August Bank Holiday weekend at Keith and Juliaís house near Bristol. Approx 10 people attended with the following combined qualifications:

The following write-up shows that possessing a piece of paper which says that youíre clever doesnít mean you have the skills to organise a drinking session in a brewery...

Most people arrived on the Friday evening (without major mishap).

On Saturday morning, we decided to go to the Visitorís Centre at Oldbury Power Station. On arrival we found it to be shut for the weekend (Mishap #1). As a "low-risk" option, we decided to visit the nearest pub. On the way to the pub, Sue & Robinís car broke down (#2).

We arrived at the pub to find that it hadnít opened yet (#3). Whilst waiting for the nice AA man to arrive, Sue twisted her ankle (#4) and Keith was stung by a wasp (#5). While the very nice AA man was attending to the car, Julia and half the group went home to meet the late arrivals, leaving Keith at the pub with no money (#6).

It started to rain (#7).

Eventually, money was ferried to Keith, just as the pub had stopped serving food (#8).

Everyone regrouped at the pub and the very nice AA man finished fixing the car. Half the group decided to go for a walk, while the other half headed back home.

During the walk several things happened. A cow blocked walking access to the correct path (#9), so a different route was planned, but couldnít be found (#10). It started to rain again, so the group sheltered from the rain - right next to a slurry pit (#11), then an electric fence proved to be an insurmountable obstacle (#12), so the decision was made to abandon the walk and go home. A quick phone call to Linda (in Tescoís) to explain the change of plan was made ... right in the middle of the one minute silence (#13).

Eventually, everyone got back to Julia and Keithís house and vegged, as that seemed to be the safest option. Eventually the BBQ was lit and it was deemed that more charcoal was needed, so Julia cycled down to the local garage for more. This simple purchase took over half an hour (#14) due to an untrained monkey being on the till at the garage, with the resulting queue going out of the door.

The BBQ went well and without mishap until just after the last burger had been cooked, when the skies darkened and it started to rain, soon to be followed by a fantastic thunderstorm (#15). Everyone retreated indoors and got drunk. Later, Phil and Linda returned to the B&B up the road, to find that as they had the only key to their room, the owner had had to go out in the thunderstorm on a ladder to shut their window, which they had left open (#16) ... oops!

On Sunday, people were incapable of making any firm decisions after the events of the previous day and a number of people decided to escape from the chaos and go home. The last six spent the afternoon being touristy at Bristol Docks taking in the Industrial Museum, the SS Great Britain and a ride on a steam train, all of which went without incident.

Review by Keith & Julia