Sailing Weekend

13th - 15th July 2001

Anyone see the BT Global Challenge? If like me you watched in wonder how people could spend many weeks sailing across huge expanses of water, then you would have enjoyed the sailing weekend that was organised by Diccon in Southampton.

Our instructors for the weekend were Paul and Alistair, a couple newly qualified instructors that Diccon knew from Southampton University. The boats that we used this year were a Wayfarer, Bousun, GP14 and some other odds and sods, which could cope with three FOW in them and then a space for an instructor. This meant that we got the best from the weekend as the instructor could coach us while they were in the boat.

We managed to master tacking during the Saturday. I for one really enjoyed the experience of speeding along with the boat tilted at 45degrees, only just managing not to tip it over. At this stage you may be thinking, "Did anyone manage to tip the boat over?" Unfortunately I'm going to have to disappoint you on that one, we all managed to keep upright all weekend. Although saying that, Allie and Tina practised righting a capsized boat and manage to break the centre board, oooops.

I would like to thank Diccon for organising a very successful weekend that was enjoyed by all.

Review by Spanna