Pantomime Trip

6th - 7th January 2001

Pantomime season came around again and the cries of "Oh no it doesn't" could be heard from the dedicated team of Panto goers who met in Swindon to go and see Aladdin.

Off to Swindon we tramped, around the magic roundabout at least three times, as we settled down to watch a good show with sweeties in hand. To the heroes we cheered "hurrah", to the baddies will jeered "booo" and we all sang the silly little song "Wishy Washy, Wishy Washy, Wishy Washy woo".

As will all good fairy tales, the goodie won the day and married the fair young lady, "hurrah hurrah".

Many thanks to Charlotte for organising,.can't wait till next year now "oh yes we can"

Review by Nigel