Reunion Meal 2001

9th - 11th March 2001

Happy Birthday to me…..

That's right it was my 10th Birthday this year. That means that I have been the mascot of BUGS for 10 years now, no wonder I'm feeling old and battered (Rex!). So I decided to throw a birthday party for all of my friends old and new. This years event was again held in the wonderful scout hut in Bathampton, with its big hall and huge kitchen (loads of places to make spiders webs). Friday night followed traditional lines of drinking and trying to kill fellow members with a skittle ball. Alas we managed not to kill anyone this year.

Question. How many have done a Bus tour while still at Bath? Probably not many, so Chris organised a wonderful trip around the Bath with a lovely chatty lady. After that it was back to the hall for the start of the festivities. Party food and Party games for all. And then TIGGER, T I double Grrr ER.

The weekend was crowned off by a pub lunch, hugs kisses and good byes. So here's to next years Reunion in maybe a new form?

Our thanks to Pooh and Chris for organise this year's meal.

Review by Spanna