Summer Camp 2001

11th - 13th May 2001

BITE ME….. No, that's not quite from an episode of the X-Files, but more of a description of a Friday evening in the middle of a field in the New Forest. That's right we had all gone camping in the New Forest and not taken any form of fly repellent, what a big big mistake. It was like walking through thick air there were so many of them. So the fair maiden, Sally and her brave Knight, Chris went forth into the night to find an open superstore to get the 'Get off me you buggers' spray.

So what was the back to basics camp like? Well Dave had arranged for us big kids to have access to the pioneering equipment for the day so we set out to lash, splice, carry and cut, that's cut spanna's hand (doh!). The first project was a suspension bridge across an imaginary river. Now I know that not having a river makes it easier to put up but we though we'd better handicap ourselves by having a group of experienced pioneers all with different views!!!!

Anyway after lunch we tried extremely hard to show the scouts on the camp how not to do Orienteering and with so much talent in the group we managed to mess it up quite nicely and go off in the wrong direction. So what the motto of this story, "Never let a scout leader do anything". Next question is how do you make a bridge stay up with no rope, nails or glue? Easy, you find 10 poles that have bark on them and use the bark to keep it in place.

The last day was spent trying to find paths that were open and failing miserably. Even though the Camp site had been opened there were still a lot of paths closed due to Foot and Mouth.

Anyway, a great time was had by all and our thanks go out to Dave and Diccon for organising a great camp.

Review by Spanna