Water Sports

14th July - 16th 2000

Splish Splosh. Now I wonder what might have been involved in a weekend like this. In the field we have a spectactular display of the most modern and exquisite tents anyone would want to find in their field. Moving on to the next room which has the words Saturday AM stenciled on the outside we find a sort of cute market town feeling with post cards of a place called Marlow.

In the room that has Saturday PM stenciled on the door we find examples which tend to suggest that the owner is a nortical man. First we have a fleet of 6 sailing boats that are slowly moving along a river at a leisurely pace, catching wind where ever it is found, although there doesn't seem to be much around. Next to the sailing boats we find a set of canoes racing across to either side of the room chasing a football. The owner of the room must be a very sporty person.

Moving on to the dining room we find a hint of the oriental and the English countryside. The oriental is represented by a dragon boat which has been recently used to paddle down from the Saturday PM room to the dining room. English countryside is represented by a model of a English pub by a river.

Moving on to the study which seems to be used for Sunday morning relaxation we find even more Sailing boats. Although these don't seem to be moving very quickly due to the lack of wind. Interestinly the one named Danny seems to be rather wet, signifing that it might have been capsized recently.

So who would live in a place like this??

Review by Spanna