FOW Reunion Meal 2000

3rd - 5th March 2000

Balls I say!! No Spanna hasn't gone stark raving sane. Are you sitting comfortably? Yes, then I'll begin. It all started on a dark damp night down in a valley in the middle of nowhere. Not an owl hooted or a dog barked. Shadows started to converge on the place of the spirits. Suddenly a hammering was heard, bang, bang, bang... What could be going on?????

Don't worry mi dears, it's only FOW playing skittles in the Royal Oak. Now as I remember it was the 3rd March in Bath where FOW meet up again for their annual Reunion Meal. The Friday night was as usual spent supping ales and enjoying the pleasant company. This year we also managed to have a few games of skittles and duck(!). Reminder to self, always wear a crash helmet when playing skittles with Andy.

After a lovely cooked breakfast it was time to spend the morning pleasantly walking around Bath or as the Pharmacists did "Study". Anyway, after regrouping up at the University and having to wait for Allie and Phish who got lost(!!!) we went to Bristol to play 10-pin bowling. Now before I go on I must apologise for my dreadful playing, I must remember to miss the pins next time.

Also mental note to Chris, cookers heat better if turned on!!! The meal again was wonderful and our thanks to Pooh for the menu which, as alway,s was a delight to eat. A full Chinese meal with starters, with the traditional desert of chocolate pudding. After a few drinks and songs it was time for bedey byes.

Sunday, as always, was spent at the pub for the traditional Sunday lunch and fond farewells. Until next time.

Other Shots from the weekend...