Alton Towers Trip

9th - 11th June 2000

Alton Towers strikes fear into the hearts of men and women!!!! Well it at least strikes the stomach...

A group of the most fearless FOW risked life and limb looping the loop, plummeting at great speeds towards the ground and waiting in queues. Although I must say that HEX, the new hunted house ride was most superb, as the whole room - walls, floor and ceiling - rotated to completely confuse you as to which way was up.

After a great day at Alton we raided a local pub to savor the local (northern) grub and retire back to the camp site for a good old sing song, not that I'm saying there were old people there.

That was this year, but what will next year bring - Chessington, Lego Land or Brighton Pier!!!!!!!

Review by Spanna