FOW Summer Party

(27th - 30th August 1999)

Review by Harvey T Bear and G'Nigel the G'Nome

By some sweet talking Nigel had convinced his parents to spend a w/e in York whilst FOW took over their home in Gloucester for Webters' Summer Party!! Here are some of the selective memories of the weekend

Nigel and Dave playing the good Samaritan act stopping at 10.30pm to check if an women slumped over her motorised buggy was OK. 10 minutes and one suicidal depressed story later it was decided to call police who were well acquainted with the lady in question, having picked her (and her buggy) up on the M5 the previous week!!!

"Guess who snores" game was played as people sorted themselves out for bed. The known worst offenders (Phish, Mark and Dave) were banished to the conservatory, where the acoustics just amplified the sound into the rest of the house

The taste of Nigel's Music was questioned.....

A superb breakfast - oh how nice it was to have a proper gas cooker, oven and amples of hot running water!!! (quick, after it. Ed)

Gloucester - well for many it was decided that Gloucester was not a highlight but the National Waterways Museum was excellent, though why the interactive computer canal building program would not let Allie put an Aqueduct over a hill nobody knows!!!

Sculptors with Chainsaws were impressive at Westonbirt Arboretum (see 'Other Pictures' at bottom. Ed). Along with the Birds of Prey demonstration and not forgetting the Weasels ..... or were they Ferrets.

G'Nigel the G'Nome was presented to Nigel as it was felt it generally summed up Nigel's lack of taste in Music and trousers!!!

"TRAIN!!!!!" was the shout, as Keith and co rushed the whole length of the garden to the train track only to find it wasn't a train but a low flying plane!!!

Diccon's Mini disappeared into a cloud of smoke until a nice recovery man towed it the majority of the way to was he going to get Allie to Torquay on Monday!!

BBQ was a success once Chris 'firelighter' fingers worked his magic

The taste of Nigel's music was once again questioned.....

The second round of "Guess who snores" was played, everyone still lost!!

Nigel had a hangover.... now there's a surprise. Nigel ate his Sunday lunch.... now that's an even bigger surprise given past performance!!

Painswick Beacon offered great views over Gloucester, however Diccon only got to see it for 2 seconds before he had to run down the hill in order that Allie could be picked up

Playing Badminton on a lawn surrounded by trees was a recipe for disaster, after losing 3 and being accused of being "careless with his cocks (shuttle that is)" Robin took over from the hapless Nigel.

Pub Crawl around a number of Cotswold pubs found everyone was starting to flag a little, however ordering "2 pints of your best bitter and er er ... a cup of tea" was certainly a novel experience!

It was unanimously decided that Nigel had no taste in music

"TRAIN!!!" as the crowed rushed down the garden. However the later half of the pack had an extra hurdle to jump (actually make that an extra BIG hurdle) as Julia had slipped and gone SPLAT face down on the grass.... No damage was done...the grass was fine!!

Dr Robin after 6 or more years of the best education could not figure out how to land a 40p glider on a make shift aircraft carrier (Nigel's back)

All departed home safely after a cracking w/e

Quotes of the weekend
Tina "Spanna, you've made my bottom all sore!!"
Dave "Allie always prefers it horizontal"
Misc "TRAIN!!!!!!"
Misc Snnnnnoooooooooorrrrrrrreeee

Other shots from the weekend...