Woodhouse Activity Weekend

(22nd - 24th November 1999)

Q. What can you do with a bungalow, a camp site and a group of friends?

A. A great weekend of fun, frolics and engineering (see later).

The first thing I got told when I arrived at Julia and Keith's for the weekend was "Duck when you go through the doors, they are low." By the time me and Nigel left on the Sunday we had both bashed our heads a few times and will be brain damaged for life (not that you'd notice the difference with Nigel). Friday Night was uneventful but by morning I had realised that Julia and Keith's lounge was actually a crypt due to the arched roof and gothic lights, very weird.

As always, we were fed a lovely cooked breakfast in the morning and rushed to get ready for 11:30am(!). Anyway by the time we had got to Woodhouse it was about 12:15, which gave us enough time to rush round the orienteering course and go mad on the assault course. Although I must say trying to push myself through a suspended rope tube that collapsed around you was one of the most nackering things I've ever done.

After a bit of recovery it was up and down for us... Well ok, up the climbing wall and down the Abseil tower, which was great fun even if it was a bit wet. Although Charlotte had a great Abseil technique and kept landing on her behind, Well done Charlotte.

The evening entertainment consisted of eating, drinking, talking about 1980's records and "How do you make Pringles?". The debate being between the Engineers and the non-engineers. With the engineers coming up with some lovely designs involving shaped rollers turning at different speeds. To finally stop the argument we logged onto the internet and checked the Pringles web site for the answer. Apparently flat shapes are cut out of the mixture and placed on supports that are the shape of pringles and then they are deep fried. Although I still feel that the Engineers method is more sexy.

All in all the weekend was a great success and enjoyed by all, roll on 2000 and all the events.

Review by Spanna

Other shots from the weekend...