FOW Bonfire Night in Bath

5th - 7th November 1999

After drudging through the cold, dark, wet evening to get to the Rising Sun we were entertained by our lovely friend Nigel. "So everyone ready for Longleat tomorrow?" came the cry from Nigel. "But Nigel, it says on this leaflet that everything shuts on Oct 31st except the house??". "Oh Bum...., Right anyone got any ideas?".

So a trip to Longleat was magically transformed into "Amuse yourself and we'll meet up for lunch". Although I must say it was lovely spending time in Bath, and I even managed to find myself a lovely coloured fleece!!

PUB! the cry's were heard and so it was off to the Parade bar to meet up with other members of FOW. I must say I was impressed by the spread(!) I saw that evening, that is the fireworks at the Uni this year were absolutely stunning, the choreography of fireworks to music was second to none. Although the only thing missing was the evidence of a bonfire, so in reality it was just a "Night!!!"

To cap the weekend off we all went to the Blaithwait for Sunday lunch, and surprisingly for a FOW event Nigel wasn't ill and managed to finish all of his Sunday Lunch. Well done Nigel, a gold star to you.

Review by Spanna
Spelling so much better than Nigel's