New Year Party

(30th December 1999 - 3rd Janurary 2000)

So what did you do for New Year? Well lots of us FOW peeps spent a wonderful 4 days together in the lovely county of Gloucestershire. Tina and Phish had organised a 4 day extravaganza involving walking, clay pigeon shooting, eating, drinking and lots of other stuff.

It all started on the Thursday with all the people arriving and having a bit a lazy afternoon, that is apart from Tina, Charlotte and Dave who had to go out into Ledbury to find the supplies. The rest of us amused ourselves with snooker and table tennis. If there's one thing that I've learnt is never play Diccon or Chris at Table Tennis as they are vicious.

The Friday was spent out in the open at the Back Country Living Museum where the Engineers among us had wonderful fun looking at the steam engines. Chris was teachers pet for the day as he managed to charm the School Mistress.

Everyone dressed up for New Year Eve, Dave and Diccon did a superb job with the firework display. After large amount of alcohol, the compulsory singing of Auld Lang Syne in the Farm Yard most people then watched the numerous fireworks displays happenening all around us... a night to remember.

Saturday, New Years day, the new millenium started with glorious weather, as we walked 4 miles into Ledbury for a pub lunch. As always Allie ended up being dragged through the mud...a new year maybe, but nothing changes in FOW.

On Sunday we had a look at Andy's big gun???? Thanks to Andy some of us managed to make things go bang, but not many splats. Yes you guessed it we had a go at Clay Pigeon shooting which was really good fun and we even managed to hit some of the clays, but it was quite funny afterwards looking at the amount of `whole' clays that we picked up after the event. The afternoon was spent more successfully sticking our fingers in someone else's balls. This is the point where I have to apologise for my performance at bowling and I'll promise next time to get a lower score, just so Sara can beat me!!! Anyone good at knots?? Yes, well maybe not if you have to use spaghetti. Yeap, an evening based around Italy including a meal and silly games. Spaghetti, mis-pronunciation and lovely pasta pictures were the imaginative games put together by Tina.

The last day and a quick flit around with the duster, coffee (but no Tea) in a pub in Tewkesbury and it was off home for us all. After a wonderful few days in the company of some wonderful people. Again, a big thanks to Tina and Phish for organising the New Year Party for us all. Cheers.

Review by Spanna and Nigel

Other shots from the Event...