Friends of Webster Reunion 1999

(12th - 14th March 1999)

Well due to the complaints about the cold on the November camp in Banstead in 1998 it was decided to re-arrange the FOW program for 1999 by bringing the meal forward to March, allowing a Summer weekend camp to be held in June (some of FOW are getting old now so we have to allow that they are getting a bit soft in their old age... like bringing air beds to camp and double duvets!!

The weekend started with all meeting in The George pub at Bathampton, no major hiccups so far except maybe for Tina forgetting to bring her address book so she could ring to arrange a lift from the station.

The Scout Hut at Bathhampton was a great improvement on the District HQ in Grove Street as it had hot water, shower and a decent size kitchen!! Unfortunately it also had a Squirrel problem in the ladies toilet and the Scout Leader set FOW the challenge of if we could catch the rodent and we could stay rent free!!! Unfortunately the squirrel was obviously scared away by a huge plastic spider with 8 wheels as it never made an appearance over the whole w/e.

On return from the pub, we settled in to the Scout Hut and chatted away into the early hours of the morning. Only problem we found was that the hut had no curtains so the street lights gave a nice orange glow to the hall next morning.

Woken up on Saturday by the shouts of "If you don't get up now you will miss breakfast!!!", from Cathy and Pooh. Catering due extrodinare along with many other helping hands provided superb catering over the w/e. Bacon, Eggy bread, Beans and sausages along with as much cereal as you could eat certainly started Saturday the right way.

Saturday morning was spent doing our own thing, whether that be studying, shopping or sleeping (yes Nigel went for a sleep!!!). We met up at "The Forester Arms" at Combe Down at 2pm for an afternoon of fun playing skittles. A number of BUGS came over to join in the fun as the contest for finding the most bizarre way to get people to throw their balls (skittle balls that is) down the alley hotted up. "Backwards through the legs" certainly provided the most entertainment and the best photographs.

Back to the Scout Hut for the reunion meal. Diccon kindly drove a mini-bus from Campus to pick the BUGS up whilst everyone else got changed into their "smart clothes". The Prize for the best dressed FOW has to go to Brian for his James Bond costume - very smart - "shaken not stirred was that Brian?" With almost 30 at the meal the FOW and BUGS in the kitchen did a superb job to serve a delicious meal.

Rotating around after every course was of course the order of the day. However there is a suspicion that some of the FOW were staying put and letting everyone move around them! Webster was watching and next year you won't get away with it!!!

By the end of the meal, everyone was happy to help pitch in and tidy up, leaving the rest of the evening to chat and drink large quantities of alcohol (some getting more drunk than others). Star Wars came to town when Chris and Janine started to play with their "Light Sabers". May the force be with you guys - very strange behavior.

Sunday morning and another superb breakfast later we cleared up the hut and went to buy our picnics for lunch. Meeting up in Victoria Park for our Picnics followed by Rounders and "Hunt the Boot".... well at least Allie played "Hunt the Boot" after Spanna hid in in a tree....and not a single FOW offered to help...except for Robin who managed to catch the moment on film for this space for the picture.

We finally all departed after a very enjoyable weekend...roll on the Camp.

Review by Nigel Newland
Spelling corrected by Spanna

Other shots from the weekend...

Bond, James Bond. Licensed to thrill!!!