Friends of Webster Camp 1999

(11th - 13th June 1999)

Youlbury Scout Camp site NR. Oxford provided the venue for the FOW 1999 summer camp. The actual site we stayed on was quite appropriately called "The Nuttery".

Friday Eve saw us all arrive, some earlier than others. In fact by the time BUGS arrived in the minibus Nigel was already on his 3rd can of beer (though he claims Harvey helped him drink half of them)

The first argument of the camp (whilst writing the opening page of the log book) was how do you spell "Freinds". Second silly question was "did we want plain biccies or choccy ones"!!

Diccon, tent pitcher extraordinar, had pitched his own tent and co-ordinated the pitching of the mess tent before the BUGS managed to finish getting theirs up (ooer missus). Donuts, biccies, soup and a warm fire helped us talk to the early hours.

BRIGHT and early Saturday morning, our catering duo of Pooh and Cathy did a superb job on the breakfast and Chris and Zoe arrived just in time for the feast. Nigel then disappeared with a rucksack, some blindfolds and some string and everyone started to get a bit worried....what was to come next...

Commentary taken up by Tina

Cuthbert the Crab snuck in and kidnapped Wilbert (after another excellent breakfast). Two intrepid search teams set out to collect clues to his location and to make a start on collecting the huge number of wizzits required for the ransom. On their way they met Wilburts friends Witty, Wiggy, Wippy and Wally who made the teams do a number of very strange things. (Note for future adventurers, the safety device on bombs should be engaged wherever possible). By lunch time we were well on the trail and after a few more clues we arrived at a "so called" village where the completion of even more tasks earned us loads more wizzits.

Then the final race to answer Cuthberts questions using the wizzits and Wilburt was released jointly to the two teams "HURRAH HURRAH"

A couple of hours spent relaxing around the campsite or for the more energetic chasing a Frisbee around the field whittled away the later part of the afternoon. A stroll (or was it a hike) to the pub for Dinner certainly gave everyone a healthy appetite. After huge amounts of food and alcohol were consumed (well some consumed more of both than others!!) we departed back to the site, spending the last part of the night around the camp fire.

UP EARLY-ish again for another superb breakfast, followed by a Scouts/Guides Own which taught us that all we needed to know in life we got taught in Kindergarden e.g. hold hands and keep together. Then it was time for silly games which Spanna, quite unsportingly, put a large disclaimer out claiming they were all of Nigel's making (oh no they weren't). Anyway, after lots of fun with balloons, water, blindfolds and EGGS (yes, and lots of them), we started to pack up camp.

After a snack for lunch we bid our farewells and wondered where Webster will take us for the next camp.

A few quotes from the Log Book
Charlotte B Usually it goes up quite easily but sometimes I have to play with it for half an hour first!!!
Spanna I'm starting to fringe my legs
Pooh We had lessons in scouts on the best position .......
Dave P Charlotte jumped on mine

Review by Nigel Newland
Spelling corrected by Spanna

Other shots from the weekend...