So What Is Friends Of Webster?

The History

Back in 1995 Webster realised that he would be saying goodbye to a lot of his friends from BUGS (Bath University Guide and Scouts), either by graduation or by going on placement, so he decided to have a meal to say goodbye to them all.

Because he enjoyed himself so much at that meal, a year later he decided to have a reunion meal for all his friends and thus was born Friends Of Webster.

The Now

Friends Of Webster arrange events during the year with the main event being the Reunion Meal which is usually held in or around Bath. Other events have included the annual camp, trips to theme parks, Bonfire Night at Bath University and walking weekends. But any event goes as long as Webster get an invite.

Friends Of Webster is open to any person that has been a member of BUGS (Bath University Guides and Scouts) and Webster would love to see any past members.

So why not get in touch by emailing Webster.